Winter, oh the winter…

In Finland you will not see polar bears, seals or penguins as many people imagine. There will be days it will be so cold but so cold that you will curse all generations in heaven for having to go out. Specially if the temperature is bellow -20 Celsius and it´s windy. It´s like being slapped and having nails scratching your face. Your eyes tear, your get a running nose, all this “water” freezes in your face and the feeling is not nice.

Some days are not so cold though, and the negative temperature can be really pleasant. I particularly like it until -15 Celsius if it´s not windy -wind is NEVER nice – The air is so clean, it´s so pleasant to breath outside and if you know how to get dressed, there won´t be any problem.


The worst days in my opinion are those when the temperature rises a bit above zero, it rains and the snow melts. Usually during these days the temperature oscillates in negative and positive, which makes our lives a cold hell because of this melting and freezing bipolar characteristic. It gets so slippery and hard to walk that I can´t even describe in words how I look like when trying to walk around during days like these. I often say the largest number of bad words my brains can remember.


But one thing is undeniable: Finnish winter is beautiful. For every angry day I just need one nice moment admiring the landscape and my anger is off.

Hannu avantu
Picture: Hannu Hurme (yes, there´s someone swimming)

And however there are pros and cons, I still prefer a cold winter day than a really hot with temperatures of + 40 degrees Celsius as I was used to when I lived abroad. When it´s too cold you go inside and you´re free! You can relax in sauna, you can make it nice. But when it´s too hot and you´re not on vacation, not even naked it gets better. You get sticky and tired the whole day, this is really not for me…

But since I hope 2016 will be a year of good things (I really don´t want to start the year thinking the opposite of it) I want my first blog entry of the year to be beautiful.

I have gathered for this post some nice videos and pictures personal friends of mine have made and shared in order to show how interesting, beautiful and nice winter can be if you allow it to happen.

The video bellow was made by a friend from Venezuela. He lives in Lappeenranta, a city situated on the shore of the lake Saimaa in South-Eastern Finland, about 30 km from the Russian boarder. Saimaa is the largest lake in this country. From his window he can see this landscape everyday and during the winter, why not take a walk on the frozen water?


The second video was made by a friend from Brazil. He made a funny experiment throwing boiling water in the air when the temperature is bellow -20 degrees Celsius.

And to finish off, one more picture taken by Hannu Hurme: an everyday landscape we often see, in a situation we often are, but hardly ever realize how beautiful it is.

hannu buss stop
Picture: Hannu Hurme

That´s all folks, thanks for stopping by and have a nice winter!