For me, the 15th of November of 2015 represents the end of a terrible week. I know this is not the first and neither the last horrible week. There is war, poverty, violence and injustice everywhere, and some places might be as horrible as your concept of hell. This is reality. But we cannot live our lives foccusing and digging in only for the bad things, we have to go on and live our lives doing our best to be the best we can to make a better world.

But sometimes things happen and affect us in so many ways that it´s impossible to go on for a while.

For me this week was one of those…

On the 12th of November ISIS bombed Lebanon. 43 people died, over 200 got seriously injured. One day after it was Paris´ turn. Over 100 people dead, over 200 injured. And this was just a very small piece of all atrocities if you immagine what might be happening right now in many troubled palces around the world.

The Eiffel Tower turns off its lights in memory of the more than 120 victims the day after the terrorist attack on Nov. 14, 2015 in Paris.
Marc Piasecki /

A “holly” war full of interests which go way beyond religion, almost a crusade, has been led by a group of crazy people who believe in a crazy god nobody else but them understand. A crazy group empowered exactly by those they now want to destroy: the Western leaders. And who pays the bill for all this fight for power? Nobody else but innocent people who die living their ordinary lives, doing what me and you do everyday.

I´ve read a lot of things which have really bothered me, things that sometimes make me lose faith in mankind. At first I questioned the fact that mass news were showing only the horrible things that happened in Paris. Almost no word about the lives taken in Lebanon were said. Some of my friends who live in different countries told me that in their local news there was not even a slightly mention of what happened in Lebanon.

When questioning, I received messages justifying it by saying that Paris is one of the most loved cities in the world, the European cradle of culture, Paris is Europe. And more: people don´t get so touched when these things happen in countries like Lebanon because these things happen there all the time.

I got revolted reading it but more revolting is to realise that this is true.

For the greatest part of the Western people who know about both episodes, the one which touches the heart is the Parisian. After all, Lebanese people are used to it, they are muslims.

And what about media? Why wouldn´t they emphasize this weekend as a weekend of tragedy, with human beings from two countries being terminated by crazy mtfks? Well, why would they be interested in showing Lebanon if Paris is much more important, is much better news, will give them many more clicks, likes and shares.? Why would they show muslim people suffering if the Western suffering is what matters?

But not even this is true. The truth it´s much worse than that for a very simple fact people have not realised: the attacks in Lebanon happened one day before the attacks in Paris. Even if you compare the “importance” of these two countries in a 100% Western point of view of “streaming priority”, it wouldn´t make sense, there was space for Lebanon because when Beirut was attacked, nobody knew the same would happen to Paris. But media was just not interested in showing it.

Lebanese soldiers stand guard at the scene of the attacks

Why woud they show the mass that ISIS is killing muslims in many different countries everyday? Is it good to show support for muslims? Isn´t is better if everybody hates them and we just let them kill each other, so we have a better chance to dominate those areas and win for good the most wanted geopolitical area of the world?

How many people know that there are radical differences among muslim lines? Who knows the difference between a shiia and a suni, who knows that inside the sunis there are also different lines with different degrees of radicalism? Who knows that the Islamic State wants to destroy all the other lines which do not encounter their terms and they are doing it through killing, since they don´t consider ”those muslims” as real muslims?

I am not deffending Islam because I have to say; I don´t agree at any religious institution. I believe in faith and think people should be free to choose theirs but I have problems with any way of institutionalized faith as long as they set up rules that segregate and demand people to change their style, mining their freedom. And I am totally against any kind of State which is not secular. For me, State and religion cannot rule together. But this is not the point here.

The point here is human, is people. We are living in such cruel world that even the extension of our compassion and how much a life is worth it is manipulated and measured.

And you should think about WHY??

About my fears:

I also fear the Islamic State. I think everybody should fear it. They have a project of world domination, they want to terminate the West and all the “infidels” who do not follow their rules. I also fear that right now, all over Europe, there might be ISIS infiltrated groups; some recently arrived, others probably here for a long time. I think the refugee crisis is a matter of national security and all countries should be really careful in their investigation during the process of decision making on giving or not asylum.

I am not a person who believes in pink elephants sliding down rainbows, I am very realistic. But I cannot condemn a whole group, assuming they are all violent and evil because if I did that I would prove to be ignorant, which I could be in some matters but not in this one.

I just wish people study more and learn more about the history of Middle East and Africa, try to learn about how the conflicts started, and most of all: how terrorist groups and dictatorships were empowered.

Study, read and then give your opinion, use the internet on your benefit to improve your knowledge, go beyond Wikipedia and Facebook. Everything is online! Let´s stop seeing things only through our own point of view, only in the Western way. Let´s try to be better in putting ourselves in other people´s shoes.

One thing that every religion preaches in its essence, before the human greed for power and domination takes over, is love. Love and peace. And we should stand a little more for those instead of just judging or caring only for what is of our interest.

Today in Helsinki a little group of people tried to do it and I was very proud to be among them. There were Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, agnostics, children, parents, old and young people of all colors and nationalities together, marching in the name of peace and love. We were just a couple of hundreds but I believe we made some difference just by showing that we want a better world.

Picture: Maila-Kaarina Rantanen March for peace in Helsinki, 15-11-2015. It started up, in front of the cathedral´s gates, and ended in front of the Embassy of France where a minute of silence was taken.
Picture: Maila-Kaarina Rantanen
March for peace in Helsinki, 15-11-2015. It started upstairs, in front of the cathedral´s gates, and ended in front of the Embassy of France where a minute of silence was taken.

This is a post written in the heat of my emotion. I don´t mean to go through political aspects. Who is writing here is not Maila the international relations analyst but Maila the mother, the daughter, the friend, the human, a person who cares about every life lost because of men´s stupidity.